Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things do come in 3's....

The saying is that things always come in 3's....and it's usually bad things right? Well I have 3 good things that have happened to us recently.

#1 Graduation:
Yes! I am officially counting down the days to MY graduation. This is the reason, I have been absent from bloggy land for the last nine weeks. I decided that the short term sacrifice of taking 2 graduate classes together would have long term benefits; mainly not attending graduate school this summer. Because of this, I found out recently, that I can walk on May 7th rather than wait until December. I am very excited about getting to walk in the graduation ceremony! It's even more fun, because I am graduating with a couple of friends who have been completing their master's degrees too. In addition I am graduating Summa Cum Laude! Something that I am really proud of, because I have studied so hard.

#2 Braces off!!

T finally got her braces off after 4 LONG years! She has a beautiful smile now. (Her sister is now starting the orthodontic process)

#3 T Got a Job!

T finally got a job! (isn't that sad, that I would be excited about that) She is working part time at a make and take pizza restaurant that recently opened up near our home. She works about 15 hours a week. She has always been good about saving, and buying things that she wants with her babysitting money. SO now she has started her college fund! Also, now that she is driving, she realizes that driving has it's privileges and it's disadvantages. She is contributing by putting gasoline in the truck, since she drives to high school, and likes to cart her friends to the mall. Hopefully, she will also help with a small portion of the insurance fund, since the rates went up after her rear end collision! (another post at another time)