Monday, August 18, 2008

Some Gals have all the luck...

Well, we won some this weekend and we lost some:(
1.Calla tried out for cheer and was a fantastic candidate! She landed her back-handspring, and did a front walk over, unfortunately, she wasn't chosen to be on the cheer team. It was very sad. I can't describe how I felt as she stood at the door, where they posted the winning girls' numbers. We watched as Calla searched for her name, and then walked back to the car. She said "I can't find my number, I must of not made it." So I jumped out of the car, as some girls, who made the squad watched us, along with the coaches. I ran over and double checked the list. Sure enough, her friend made it, but she didn't. I could feel her disappointment. She cried herself to sleep, and I did too.
2.Saturday, Calla, Tiff, and I went to the new Sport Chalet, and did a free underwater scuba class. Calla and Tiff were naturals, and on the bottom of the pool within minutes. Me, I am a little claustrophobic, and it took me 45 minutes to finally stay on the stairs sitting down in 5ft of water with my head underwater. Finally, the last 10 minutes or so, I walked on the bottom of the 12 foot pool, I still was a little nervous, but I ended up liking my experience. I truly thought for a few minutes I might suck the whole tank down, and cry at the same time. Mike and I want to go to Belize next spring, and we want to scuba if we go. I am going to have to get used to the underwater thing!
3.While at Sport Chalet, I won a youth size BMX bike. It's red, and great for a boy! Which I don't have. So I think I might put it on Craig's list. Even if I make $30.00, I am ahead!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

How safe is school?

Well, we are in the second week of school. On Wednesday, a boy brought a 9mm handgun to Calla's Middle School and was showing his friend how to load and unload it. The young man, brought the gun to school to take care of a boy who was "picking on him." A teacher on duty, saw the young man with the gun, and called the principal, and authorities. THANK HEAVENS that a teacher was aware of what was going on in his/her classroom. I can't imagine the horrible things that could have happened. The boy was arrested and taken into custody. His parents are here in our country illegally, along with his brother. They are going to be deported back to Mexico. Which is causing major debate in our area! Send him back, I say. I just finished reading the book "Nineteen Minutes" by Jodi Picoult and it's a story about a school shooting. Since Columbine, most schools now require teachers, and students to wear I.D. badges. While reading the book, I often wondered if the I.D. badges were for safety, or to identify the dead after a school shooting. Great read, if you want a good book! if you want to see the full story from the news and watch a video clip, click on