Thursday, December 31, 2009

December Highlights...

Did Thanksgiving just end?? Because it seems like December was a blur! First of all an apology to anyone who reads my blog and did not get a Christmas letter or card this year. Please don't feel bad, because I didn't get the letter written....yet! It may come, it may never come! Life is just busy, as you can all relate.

In the first week of December....

C and M played the violin and sang with the school choir at the town Christmas tree lighting. It was nice to feel the small town spirit, even if it was in Arizona and there wasn't any snow. After the tree lighting, and the girls performance, the girls and I went to McDonalds and had dinner. (Calla's choice)

The next day, C marched in the Christmas parade with the Junior High School cheerleading squad.

They marched to "All I want for Christmas is You..." by Mariah Carey It was the first time in the 5 years that we have lived here, that we went to the Christmas parade. It was really fun and it made you proud to be part of our small but yet growing city!

In the Second week of December....

Mike had to cook for 500 for the church breakfast with Santa. I stayed home and worked on my take home final, did my report cards, and lesson plans.

In third week of December...

M played the cutest elf in the fourth grade musical. I had to sew her costume. Thank goodness her elf costume was easy and finals were over!!

In the fourth week of December, came Christmas Vacation!

M making Christmas cookies

I hosted Christmas Eve dinner at my house, and we had Mike's sister and my nephew, and Nana and Papa. We had the traditional clam chowder in bread bowls, and then we loaded up the car and went to see the loop of lights. After seeing the lights, we came home and read the story of Jesus from Luke, and then had baby Jesus' birthday cake.

This is the tree on Christmas morning. The girls held out until 6:30 which was pretty good. (the next day the slept in until 8:00 go figure!)

I was really excited this year, because Mike had suggested things he wanted for Christmas, and I got everything he suggested, and I even surprised him with a giant tool chest from Sears! (except...I got him a larger version of the one he already had! Darn it! I thought I bought the lower section. He took it back)

Santa brought T some scrapbooking stuff. She is really crafty and talented when it comes to things like that, and maybe she will stop using my stuff:) She also got some shirts and jeans.

C's list this year consisted of contacts, a cell phone, and clothes. She was a little disappointed to realize that mom and dad were serious when they said that she doesn't get a cell phone until she can drive! She did get a 3 prong curling iron, a flat iron, and clothes. (other wish list items) C is into zebra print, so Santa brought her a zebra flat iron, zebra purse, wallet and jewelry.

I got clothes, an ipod, so that I can listen to music when I run at they gym, and jewelry.

M played Santa this year, and passed the presents when it was your turn for the present. She asked Santa for a Skateboard, and DS games.

Santa gave our family a nice surprise this year, (even one that I didn't know about). He brought our family a Wii and a Wii fit for me! It was a really nice Christmas, and I am sad to see the season end. It's too bad that the weeks leading up to Christmas are so busy! The girls are growing up so fast and soon Mike and I will be celebrating differently, and the girls will be making their own traditions; Until then, I cherish the small things that we do to make the holidays and the birth of our Saviour so special! After the presents were opened, and the wrapping paper scattered about. We charged the Wii, Mike made breakfast for us (another tradition) and then I went back to bed! Late that afternoon we went to Mike's parents for Christmas dinner and relaxed with the family. We then came home and played bowling on the Wii.

(here are the neighbor girls and C playing hulu hoop the day after Christmas)