Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Maddie turns 9

Maddie turned on 9 on January 19th, I cannot believe that it has been 9 years. When she was born it was the year of babies in our family. All 3 of my sister-in-laws had babies, along with my sister. Bailey came first, then Jack, next was Ryan, then Maddie, and then Harry. It was fun being pregnant with everyone. She was the last of my babies! I think if I would have known that she was going to be my last, I may have held her longer, rocked her more, and took her to the park for play group more often.

She was a whopping 8 lbs 8oz. and unlike her sisters, I was at last a SAHM when she was born. Since her birth, she has lived in 3 states and attended 2 elementary schools. She is smart, loves to hang with her dad in the duck blind or field, she takes ballet, loves to swim, ride her bike, and play with her friends. She is very creative when it comes to writing and she loves to write stories.
She plans on having a party with friends next weekend. We are taking all of her friends to see "Hotel for Dogs." She did get to share her birthday with her friend Cheyenne who is one hour older.
Here are a few pictures of her from the past. I don't have a scanner, so I can't post her baby pictures, and it's only been a few years, that I have taken pictures digitally:)
Summer 2008 making fishy faces in the pool

Maddie's baptism dress. Jan. 19th 2008

Shooting pigeons off the roof with dad. (Before church)

Spring dance costume 2008 Fishing at Lake Powell 2007. Age 7

Maddie and her friends for her 6th birthday at the beauty college having make-overs

Crabbing in Puget Sound. Age 5

Holding a canary at Hogle Zoo. July 2004. 4 years old.

First day of Preschool. Age 4. Arlington, Washington
Age 3. Feeding the ducks near our home in Arlington, Washington.
Blowing her dad's duck call. Age 3

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Will I get the MOM of the YEAR AWARD??

Last Friday, we went quading with Noelle and Steve and their family. It was fun to hang out and ride the quads and watch the children ride the quads. We also roasted hot-dogs in the desert. Little R (my nephew) looked so cute on his quad with his helmet. He was oblivious to any danger and would follow the older children up and down the trails. Infact, when it was time to get ready to load the quads, we noticed that little R, who is 4, had ridden off into the sunset all by himself. We found him a few moments after we realized he was missing, but it was a little scary to think that darkness was only moments away, and the Arizona desert gets really cold fast!
We started a fire and the children on their quads, decided to ride back and forth through the flames!! (With a little encouragement from Uncle Steve and Mike) I wondered if this was safe, but I was soon out voted as the children continued to ride through the fire! Little R would stop and look at the flames, to see if his tires were catching on fire. I am sure that people consider flame jumping dangerous on motorcycles, but these kids rode back and forth right over the fire. The only one a little nervous was C. It was kind of funny! My nephew H would reve up the quad just as he would ride over the flames, and the flames would jump a little, and would increase in size. Finally the flames died, and so did the fun, as it was time to load the quads to go home. (Moments later is when we realize little R had driven off into the sunset)

Sunday, January 4, 2009


As the 2008 ended, and I carefully packed away the ornaments from the tree (Notice, the girls can't wait to help decorate the tree, but when it's time to take it down, they are no where to be found, which is okay I guess) I found myself a little sad that the season had come to a close and a new year beginning. This year, as I packed away the ornaments, I found myself thinking that T will be leaving in a few years, and will be out on her own. How different the house will be without her. (She is already looking at colleges and she is only 15)

A new year means a new start, new goals, and dreams...the end means I am getting older, succeeded in some things and failed at others. We recently saw the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" if you haven't seen this movie, it is a must!!! It runs about 3 hours, but is so good. After leaving the theatre, the movie made me think about my life, my goals, and dreams. You see Benjamin in the movie is born as an old man and his life goes in reverse. What have I accomplished in life? What am I proud of most?

1- I always wanted to get married and I am going on 20 years this year!

2- I always wanted to be a mother and I am a proud mom of 3 darling girls. I sometimes wish that I could of had a son. Some day I will have three.

3- I got an education and I am currently working towards a Masters Degree. Something I really didn't want a few years ago.

4- I have a nice home, a husband with a secure job, and smart children.

5- I currently have good health, and continue to exercise and try to eat right.

6. I teach school and continue to touch the minds of young children.

7. I continue to be faithful at church and serve.

Mike always asks me what I want to do in the future, what are my goals? I still hope to travel more someday, have grandchildren, and retire in comfort. The future to me still is a blank map. Does anyone else ever think the same thing?

Even the smallest person can change the world. The Lord of the Rings.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Well I asked for it...

As I have said before, I really miss snow, and I was hoping for a White Christmas. It rarely happens in the Valley of the Sun. The last time it snowed in Phoenix was December 2004 (North Phoenix, up in Cave Creek in the hills). My friend said she remembers snow in Mesa, in 1999, but it didn't stick to the ground. A couple days before Christmas, and on Christmas we got rain in the valley - which translates to the white powdery stuff in the mountains.

This is a picture of it snowing just north of us.

The day after Christmas, we took the girls up to the Rim to go sledding. It was great to feel the cold air and see the beautiful white stuff. While we were sledding, it started to snow some more. We played in the snow for about 3 hours. The snow idea must of been on everybody's mind from the valley because the place was packed! Hundred's of people came out to play in the snow, until the fun police showed up. The highway was so packed with cars, that the snowplow couldn't plow, so the sheriff came and made us all leave. We were a little bummed!

Above is the girls at the top of the hill ready to sled and Mike at the bottom after he came down the hill.

Well I asked for it...