Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's Official....

Well...Spring break is officially over in just a few hours, but we had a productive spring break. (Thank goodness for year round school, here in the valley of the sun, because we get a nice 2 week spring break).

The week started off with T becoming an official Aggie.
T and I took a tour of the campus and it made me feel really old! It just doesn't seem that long ago that I was a Utah State Aggie. Where have all the years gone?? After the tour we decided to look for off campus housing. T decided that she wanted to live off campus and in the long run it will be much cheaper. She chose to live in Old Farm Town House houses. The apartment will have 6 girls in it. It was fun apartment shopping with T and before I know it, I will be back up in Cache Valley moving her in. I hope that she has the best room-mates and best experience ever!
While in Utah we visited my grandpa who just turned 91 last week. I always make it a point to stop and visit him whenever I am in Utah. My grandma has been gone for 4 years now and grandpa is really missing her; he talks about being with her soon. He still seems so young at heart! I hope that I am around when I am 91. If I live to be 100... I am going swimming with the dolphins in Cozumel!
While in Utah I always stop at Pai Tan Trading! It is the best store ever for home decor ideas and holiday decorations. I wish Arizona would get a Pai Tan Trading. This is C trying on a very flowery wreath that we found in the clearance aisle.
Utah also is home to modest dresses!! Shopping for a prom dress in Utah is way less stressful than shopping for one in Arizona. (MENTAL NOTE: for future prom dresses and wedding dresses, since I have 2 more daughters attending proms in the next few years.) Since prom time in Arizona comes when the weather is absolutely divine, prom dresses here tend to be strapless. T unfortunately doesn't feel comfortable in strapless dresses, and having to modify them is a pain, so finding dresses that are modest is a special treat!! Here T is trying on the dress that we eventually bought. She bought hot pink high heels at Charlotte Russe and the dress shop sold her a hot pink polka dot sash. Her boyfriend is going to wear a hot pink tie and vest.

Okay... and this is how I spent the last 5 days of spring break and my birthday!!
I had sinus surgery the day after we got back from Utah. My father-in-law tells me it will be the best present that I have ever given myself. Hmmm... will this top a massage...doubt it! But maybe I will be able to breathe, smell, and have less sinus infections.