Wednesday, August 12, 2009

HiP HiP HoORaY!!

Three cheers for C! She tried out for cheerleading again this year and made it!! It was so much less stressful this year! This year the coach posted the new team on a school cheer blog. I will never forget how sad I felt and how devasted it was orginally for her, as she searched on the list for her name and number. All the while, the coaches, and some of the girls who made the team were standing there giggling and gloating. C cried herself to sleep for 2 days. Then, three weeks later, we got the call from the principal that C's score card had been put in the reject pile, and they were adding her to the team! She makes such a good cheerleader. She is physically strong, and so energetic! Her first assembly is next week and the first football game is in 2 weeks. I guess, I will get out my megaphone again!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

July....It came in warm and went out like an Infereno!!


I have been so busy this month, that I am doing a post in dedication to the fun times we had with family and friends in the month of July.

July started out with a camping trip to Overgard with Ty and CC, (my brother and sister-in-law) Mike Piazza and his son, my father and mother in law, and 7 dogs for the 4th of July!!!

Here is CC and I enjoying a relaxing moment by the fire!

The men caught crawdads and we boiled them and ate them. Here they are sucking the heads off!

Here is Mike fishing.

We took the kids into watch the 4th of July parade in Overgard.
The kids had a good time riding the quads.

JULY 9th - C's friend Ginny came for a visit from Arlington, Washington. We took her to the lake and she enjoyed a ride on the tube.

Ginny and C had a good time. They went to the Queen Creek Monsoon Madness Mud slides and came home covered in red mud! Needless to say, there underwear is no longer white:D They did pedi's, went to the movies, and had slushies!

July 16th- My brother Brent, his wife Jessica, and my neice Bailey came from Utah to visit us. I warned them of the heat, but they came and we had a fanastic time!

Here is Bailey and M wishing that they could fill the bikinis. But don't grow up too soon girls!

Day 1: I took them to Chandler Mall and the girls bought school clothes. Bailey and Maddie got matching shorts and t-shirts. After Jessica and Brent treated us to Chili's for lunch. For dinner that night, the kids stayed home and swam in the pool, and the adults wento out to all you can eat sushi. Mike and Brent tried chicken feet.

Day 2: We took them up to the lake and we tubed and played in the water. We had a good time. The lake was the perfect temperture and we enjoyed a relaxing day swimming and boating.

July 29th. THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? i guess if it is so hot outside, we might as well be inside learning!