Thursday, November 27, 2008


My first graders have been learning about the Pilgrims and all of the trials that they endured from the time they left England until that first harvest. As we completed our unit this week, I asked each of my students what they were thankful for most, and I was so surprised that most of them said they were thankful for family, friends, school, and pets. One little girl, said that she wouldn't have wanted to be a Pilgrim because the children had to work to hard, and if she had to be a Pilgrim, she would rather be a Pilgrim boy vs. a girl, because the girls in her opinion, had to do more work.

I have asked my own family to list the things they are greatful for this season. As the Christmas lists are beginning to form, I reminded my children that we have a million things to be thankful for and what more could we really want or need. I mean we can always make wish lists, I have my own, and I am heading out into the rain for the traditional Black Friday Sales tomorrow with my daughter; to fulfill wishes.
Here is the Gratitude lists condensed:
M- thankful for his home, wife, children, security of a good job, and hunting.
J- I am thankful for my husband and children, friends, a home, my freedom, my faith, insurance, my education, and my health that lets me laugh with my girls, look at sunsets, and run in the desert.
T- thankful for family, Molly and Sage (our labs), school, our house, electricity, a nice warm bed, indoor plumbing, her contacts
C-thankful for family, freedom, the military, clothes, her friends, i-pod, Dr. Pepper, cheerleading,
M- thankful for her house, her family, her 3rd grade teacher, dogs, flowers, dancing, birthdays, Primary, shoes, webkins

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