Monday, December 29, 2008

Twas hours after Christmas....

Twas hours after Christmas and all through the house,
Dad and Mom go back to bed and the girls are quiet as a mouse.
With the tree, presents no longer adorn, but the crumnpled up paper is stacked by the door! The shopping and preparations are gone in a dash, but smiles on faces are shown with a flash. Christmas is gone for another year, But memories will last and are held real dear.

The Tree after Christmas morning

M with her DS that Santa brought her

T with her Aeropostal Christmas.

C with some of her treasures. She asked for clothes too.

The wrapping paper piled by the door!


Chanelle said...

Nice poem, did you write that? I would like to have an Aeropostale Christmas too! That is one seriously tall tree you have. It's fun to see the details of your day.

T said...

very fun poem! and yes - a very tall tree!

Looks like everyone got just what they wanted :)

Susan said...

Looks like you had a very nice Christmas - great poem too.