Monday, April 27, 2009

Sweet 16 and Prom....

CD came over and re-asked T out to the prom last Monday in a creative way. The fun part was, that it was her 16th birthday and so it made it a little extra special. She found this fun note on her door, and then she had to pop the balloons with a rose that he left.

The question was hidden in a balloon somewhere other than her bedroom. So she went on a scavenger hunt throughout the house and finally found the magic balloon.

She answered back by making a cake and putting a big yes on the top of the cake. She dropped the cake off at his house when he wasn't home, so he found her cake in the refrigerator when he was scrounging for some snacks.

For T's Sweet 16 party, we had a bunch of her friends over and they played games, swam, we BBQd, and then they went dancing.

We finally broke down and bought T a cell phone. We decided now that she is driving, it would be important to have a phone. (call us old fashioned for not getting a phone sooner but really she had no social life before now:)

Tina doing hair for the dance, cake and ice cream, and the new phone!

Well Saturday was the prom. This was T's very first date, and it was her prom date's first date. It made it sort of special for both of them, but the funny thing, is neither one of them can drive quite yet, so CD's mom drove them to the prom. Cd's mom came in and took more pictures than me! I wonder if she blogs too!!

T was very excited and all day she prepared for the dance. She went and got her nails, toenails, and her eyebrows waxed. We did her hair and make up, and we frantically ran to the hair salon and Wal-mart looking for cute clips and or babies breath to put in her hair at the last minute.

Her hair turned out nice! We did a half up do, and put rhinestone barrettes to hold some of the curls.

This is her dress. She chose a tea length dress, and her shoes were silver with rhinestones.

This is her date. C said after they left, that he looked a lot like Troy Bolton.

She had a great time at the dance, was home by midnight and didn't turn into a pumpkin.


T said...

she's way too young to be that old!

Was M hanging out with a loaded shotgun warning off the Troy Bolton look-alike?

she's beautiful (as always) - Happy Birthday girl!!!

WishTrish said...

Thanks for stopping in and leaving me a comment about Sheep Crossing! I love it when readers just pop out of the woodwork! :) If I hear about it again, I will certainly blog my knowledge. I would have shared it this time, had I not found out about it just the night before... Again, thanks! And your daughter looked gorgeous for her first date. What a way to start the dating ball rolling... at PROM!!! Fabulous.

Brent and Jessica said...

She is beautiful! I love how far apart they are standing in the pic. I hope that they had a great time and we are thinking about you guys!

Zona Bosted said...

I still can't believe that she's 16 and old enough to date. GRRRR!!!!! She looks beautiful and I love her dress. Happy Birthday T!

Chanelle said...

Tiffy looks so pretty, although this makes me want to cry just thinking about Bailey's first date someday! Her date is a cutie, and I love her dress- I would want to wear that dress too!

I would love pictures of the chicka chicka boom boom tree, Cade would LOVE that!

Brenda said...

She looks beautiful! But the best part is that she is beautiful on the inside too! Sweet girl AND oohlala...sweet DATE!!! 16 is exiciting...ENJOY!

jessica said...

OH I love Tiffany's dress! She looks so beautiful and grown up! I think you are wise parents to have waited to give her a phone. I will be doing the same with my kiddos.

Susan said...

How special for her prom to be her first date - very cool! She looked beautiful!