Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Count your many blessings..name them one by one...

We are so fortunate to know the Lauro family. Natalie and C met during the fourth grade and were in the same school class for 2 years. The girls even went to California to Sea World for a school trip together in 5th grade. This is Natalie's story and I would like to share it with you. Her story will make you go hug your children and thank Heavenly Father for your small blessings in life.
http://www.pchhandprints.org/ (Click Natalie's story)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sweet 16 and Prom....

CD came over and re-asked T out to the prom last Monday in a creative way. The fun part was, that it was her 16th birthday and so it made it a little extra special. She found this fun note on her door, and then she had to pop the balloons with a rose that he left.

The question was hidden in a balloon somewhere other than her bedroom. So she went on a scavenger hunt throughout the house and finally found the magic balloon.

She answered back by making a cake and putting a big yes on the top of the cake. She dropped the cake off at his house when he wasn't home, so he found her cake in the refrigerator when he was scrounging for some snacks.

For T's Sweet 16 party, we had a bunch of her friends over and they played games, swam, we BBQd, and then they went dancing.

We finally broke down and bought T a cell phone. We decided now that she is driving, it would be important to have a phone. (call us old fashioned for not getting a phone sooner but really she had no social life before now:)

Tina doing hair for the dance, cake and ice cream, and the new phone!

Well Saturday was the prom. This was T's very first date, and it was her prom date's first date. It made it sort of special for both of them, but the funny thing, is neither one of them can drive quite yet, so CD's mom drove them to the prom. Cd's mom came in and took more pictures than me! I wonder if she blogs too!!

T was very excited and all day she prepared for the dance. She went and got her nails, toenails, and her eyebrows waxed. We did her hair and make up, and we frantically ran to the hair salon and Wal-mart looking for cute clips and or babies breath to put in her hair at the last minute.

Her hair turned out nice! We did a half up do, and put rhinestone barrettes to hold some of the curls.

This is her dress. She chose a tea length dress, and her shoes were silver with rhinestones.

This is her date. C said after they left, that he looked a lot like Troy Bolton.

She had a great time at the dance, was home by midnight and didn't turn into a pumpkin.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

We found the dress, we found the shoes...Prom will soon be through!

Today T and I had a fun day shopping for her prom dress! (I do have to admit though, I was worried that it would be frustrating to find a modest, well priced dress, in the midst of a very wordly, strapless, skimpy, designer world!) But I was wrong! T googled modest dresses in Arizona, and found a place in Mesa that sells them. We went to the store, and the selection was slim, but the woman sells them from her home too. I gave her a call and she graciously invited us over without an appointment, and the day before Easter to boot! She has a bedroom in her home that she uses as a dressing room, and she had racks and a huge closet full of the most beautiful formals. (Everyone of her formals are modest, and at the most reasonable prices.) She kept handing T more and more choices. It was so fun!! T would swirl around in the 3 way mirror, and smile or shake her head. T finally decided on a tea length, teal green formal. After dress shopping, we went to Cafe Rio for lunch, and then went shoe shopping. T found some really cute, strappy heels at the Nordstrom Rack, and then we headed home.

I honestly thought that we would be gone all day, and that we would come home empty handed, and a little bummed! I am so happy that we found that fabulous dress shop called 'A Dressy Occassion' I hope someday, wedding dress shopping is as easy!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bedroom Bliss

YES, I have finally reached bliss in the bedroom!! Hey this isn't X RATED! WHO DO YOU THINK I AM???

This is what I am talking about......

Our New Mattress! (although, that is not my bedroom)
We finally broke down and bought us a new mattress. We tried this mattress out, but the price tag was way out of our price range. So we had decided on a Sealy, when we went back to buy the Sealy, the Heirloom Mattress was on sale!! FOR HALF OFF. They were clearing out the floor models. This bed is so comfortable....and for all of you people going GREEN, This mattress is made of soy and latex, so in 10 years when I am out shopping for a new mattress, I can be rest assured that my mattress will biodegrade just fine!