Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer Lovin'

As I sit down to write this blog posting, summer ended officially for us about a month ago. Although, the summer season is still going strong with temperatures near 107; my friends and family who live up north are still actually enjoying the month of August! I don't mean to sound as if I am complaining, because I am not. When the Arizona heat hits 107 no one really goes outside; if you live in Arizona you know what I mean. We exercise before the sun rises, we park in the shade, even if that means you have to walk clear across the parking lot in the heat to get to the air conditioned store. With temperatures reaching that high, and kids hiding indoors, you might as well have them learning something; thus year round school!

But before the school bell rings, you have to enjoy what little time you have for summer. This summer we spent a few days at Lake Powell, the southwest's secret to a bit of heaven! (if you have been to Lake Powell, you know what I mean)

These are the Falls, they are located up Navajo Canyon. This is the first time in 10 years that we have been able to get to them, because the lake water has been so low. We drove the boat up as far as we could, and then we hiked the 4 miles into them. It was so fun to walk and splash in the water as we hiked.

Here I am at the falls.

Mike, Maddie, and Brookie (Maddie's friend swam up under the falls)

sitting in the falls

We found this giant hole and we climbed up into it.

The girls had fun making drip castles with the wet, red sand. They named it the Gorilla's Kingdom. If you note the small black gorilla in the bottom middle, you will know why. (:

Burying each other in the sand is always a fun time.


Mike fishing. His favorite way to unwind at the lake.

me playing in the water

Maddie loves to cliff jump. (thanks to her dad and older sisters) Thank goodness her friend is brave and will climb the cliffs to reach a good spot to jump.

This is me driving the boat! We are thinking of upgrading the boat next season and selling this one. I didn't hit the dock once and drove the boat on perfectly to the trailer this trip.

Good-bye summer!!


jessica said...

I've only been to lake power once and it was amazing! So things got crazy around here and T's book is sitting on my desk ready to be sent! Now I'm afraid it's too late to send it to Arizona...when are you taking her to school? I am actually going to Logan to run a half there on the 27th . We will be in Utah until the 4th. I would love to see you!

TisforTonya said...

oooh, can you believe I've never been to Powell? it looks heavenly... maybe someday I'll drag the family there?

and we need to talk Jessica (and you) into running the St G half in October some year... then we could all party :) (I just wouldn't join in the running part of the party...)

Chanelle said...

Love the pics and I love Lake Powell! Maddie looks so stinkin cute in that hat. :0

rocio dos santos said...

your photos are beautiful :)