Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When the going gets tough...Get flossing!!

Dear Abby,

I used to be a very good mommy. A few years back, I faithfully took my 3 toothy, grinned, girls to the dentist every 6 months. My dentist was a member of our church, and he was very thorough! Infact, I often complained of his high prices, and his pro-activeness to tooth decay! Well, we moved 3 years ago to a new state, and it that entailed finding a new dentist, doctor, you know the whole works of moving to a new place. A co-worker told me that her dad was a dentist. Hooray!! So I made cleaning appointments for my girls. He was a grandpa, very conservative, had shag carpet throughout his office, and his office was very inconvientant from my house. It was a 45 minute drive and his last appointment was 3:30, making it very difficult to schedule that appointment when school dismissed at 3:00. So, I scheduled appointments during summer vacations and holidays. Well as time went on, I became less enthusiased about driving 45 minutes for a cleaning. Just recently our little town has had a growth spurt, and several new stores, doctors offices, and dentist office are now opening. I scheduled a cleaning with a new dentist just 3 blocks from my house, how convienent, and his office was very up to date with technology, and no shag carpet! Well now I am wondering if the 45 minute ride is worth the money because yesterday was our cleanings.

Daughter 1: Braces coming off soon, needs 2 sealants, and NO CAVITIES!!! HOORAY!!
Daughter 2: Needs braces, needs a root canal from a poor filling from done by grandpa dentist with the shag carpet, and has 2 cavities.
Daughter 3: 6 Cavities, and was overheard by her mommy telling Mr. New Dentist, that her mommy never showed her how to floss or brush her teeth! WRONG!! WHO IS THE ONE THAT REMINDS HER TO BRUSH AS SHE IS RUNNING TO THE CAR IN THE MORNING?
Mommy: 6 cavities, (surprised because last summer I had none from Mr. Shag carpet, conservative Dentist)

So....Thankful for dental insurance, but the nice receptionist informs me of my part of the payment $708.00, and that only is part of daughter #3 and my trip to the dentist.

So please advice,

Destraught by Dentists


T said...

Dear distraught - apparently Dr. Shag Carpet wasn't looking closely enough at his x-rays because 6 cavities in 6 months just isn't heard of!

P.S. - kids will lay the blame on anyone (even their mommies) if they think that there is a prize involved.

(and trust me - we've paid those crazy dental prices many many times but the kids are still getting horrible cavities...)

Susan said...

Not a big fan of dentits over here. I just had to go myself - $132 just to clean my teeth. I'm thinking that dentists are recession proof!!!

I've got an award for you, come on over and get it.

the Painters said...

Dear distraught- Dr. Old Timer probably flossed with his shag carpet strings. Sometimes in life, we just take it up the tailpipe when it comes to dental fixing and unfortunately, it is not the best time economically to be having this problem so I am sorry you have to deal with this. Just think, your daughters will have the most beautiful teeth ever when all is said and done and 3 handsome prince's will take their hands in marriage....then comes the wedding bills TIMES 3!

Brent and Jessica said...

That sounds like so much fun! I hope that all goes well for you and the new high-tech dentist!

jessica said...

Yikes! Makes me grateful for our dentist and for our insurance! Poor Calla...a root canal! Poor you...SIX cavaties!!!! Seriously! I hope Grandpa Dentist has closed the door on his shaggy, clearly in need of new technology office.

Tiffy said...

Mom the dr. that was is our ward was MEAN and i never rember him taking X-rays of my teeth.


Shauna said...

I'm new here! What a great blog :)

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