Sunday, February 8, 2009

Reality Check

I used to be a Reality TV junkie. I watched Survivor, many, many seasons of it, The Great Amazing Race, The Bachelor and the Bachelorette, and my life and conversations of revolved around these shows. It was the conversation at lunch on Friday who was outed on Survivor. A friend and I wanted to apply to the Great Amazing Race, it was our way to see the world and let our husbands have a taste of what mommy hood is all about! My husband finally asked me, "Why do you watch a shows, where you are rewarded to lie, cheat, and have no integrity to win a million dollars?" He suggested to me to get a life.

Well, I now have a pretty busy life, and now I have no time to watch TV at all. Well I do a have a couple of favorites, Criminal Minds is top, but last summer I started watching The Bachelorette again, and I got hooked on who DeAnna was going to pick. (For those who don't watch this show, DeAnna was a previous Bachelorette that wasn't chosen by Brad in the season earlier) I only watched a couple of those episodes and I didn't care much for DeAnna then:) Well last summer, they had this cute guy from Seattle who is divorced and has this darling son named Ty. I really thought that he had DeAnna had a connection, and I was so mad that she let him get down on his knee at the season finale and get ready to propose, and then she had him stop in mid-sentence to tell him that she chose the other guy. Well this season, Jason is the Bachelor and I am so hooked again!! We are down to the home town dates on Monday, and from the previews it looks interesting! My favorite Molly, has to have complete support from her family, if they don't like him then they won't embrace Jason in their lives! My second favorite choice is Melissa, and her family will not meet Jason on the air; to much publicity.

So, I now need a reality check! Between my master's class and tutoring, all I do is school. This stupid reality show has become my down time. Go figure!! Good thing that the Bachelor season is almost over!


the Painters said...

I LOVE THE BACHELOR AND I LOVE JASON!!!!!! this is my favorite! He better choose Molly or Melissa.Don't worry honey, this is a great thing to do to unwind. It's better than going to a bar which a lot of women do to unwind! And I wanna go on Amazing Race too....but not with Matt....we'd fight about directions too much.

T said...

...Q and I would probably kill each other on Amazing race... we could remodel an entire house together, but travel is WAY worse!!!

haven't ever gotten into the Bachelor, somehow it seems a little trampy to me when I see them making out with multiple girls and whining about picking between them... they'd probably go polyg if the choice we offered!

I of course DO fully enjoy OTHER reality shows - I say get your "down time" however you can and enjoy it fully :)

Chanelle said...

Hey Janet, I tagged you. Check out my blog. I love the bachelor too. Nothing wrong with a little fantasy dating!

Tiffy said...

Hay mom, I got tagged from Jessica, and now i tag you.


Chanelle said...

Hey Janet- I just wanted to invite you guys to Cade's baptism even though I know you most likely can't come. We wish we could see you guys more often! It's Feb 28th, so consider yourselves invited!
Love ya.