Monday, May 25, 2009

In memory of...

M asked this morning what Memorial Day is all about. Mike explained to her that Memorial Day is a holiday set aside for remembrance of our fallen soldiers from all of the wars that our country has ever been involved in from the Revolutionary War to the Irag War. At the moment he was telling her, I so badly wanted to transport our SUV into a space craft or a time traveling machine, so she could see things that would help her remember what this day is really about.

This is the Marysville Washington Cementary. I have never seen a cemetary so decked out in flags. It always made my heart proud to drive by it.

The USS Carl Vinson, returning to port in Bremeton, Washington in 2003. I wasn't there, at the port, but I will never forget the unity of community as it pulled into port. I loved how the sailors were all standing so proud in their whites, waving to family and friends awaiting for them.

My grandpa fought under General Patton in World War II. He returned safely home to my grandma, mom, and uncle. But there were many who didn't. My heart goes out to their family and friends this day.

...And for the men who fought very early in our country to make it what it is today, I thank you. Thank you for fighting in what you believed in, to make our country free. Every morning as my children in my class raise their hands and place it on their hearts, to Pledge to our flag, I think of you.


Brent and Jessica said...

I am glad that there are those of us who still remember what this day is all about!

jessica said...

Great post! And I can't wait to hear how your boot camp goes.

Susan said...

Great post! Hope you have a great Wednesday.