Sunday, May 24, 2009

No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks...a quote by Alice Cooper

Okay so, it has been a while since I posted. We are alive, healthy, and finishing out the school year. (The countdown is 3 days...of absolutely, positively...NOTHING!!)

I wish we had gotton out before Memorial Day this year, but the district calandar people didn't plan it that way! I guess that is okay, because now I can just sit, laugh, and play with my 1st graders, and probably cry for joy that some of them are leaving, and sadness for some others.

As the school year ends, summer plans begin. With Arizona summer vacations being short, due to year round school, summer seems busy already...I hope there is time for rest!

Things that are on the family list to do:
1. Dance Recital for M
2. Master's classes (I have 2 this summer, 2 nights a week for 8 weeks)
3. Girl's Camp for C and T (they leave 2 days after school gets out)
4. Painting the foyer (hopefully before family comes to visit in June)
5. A trip to Lake Powell (God's secret if you have never seen or heard of Lake Powell, check this link out.
4. Yeah!! Family comes to visit in June
5. Camping for the 4th of July
6. C and Mike have birthdays
7. Boot Camp (Yes, I am signing up for Boot Camp..or have good intentions of it. If Helen on the Biggest Loser can do it, I can too!)
8. reading a good book (not Twilight)
9. organizing some unorganized things (mainly M's bedroom, and a couple of cupboards)
10. some scrapbooking caught up.
11. the upstairs started for expansion of a family room
12. fishing for Mike

stay tuned...."A goal not written is merely a wish!"


Kelcie said...

I am glad too it gives me money! I move to Utah in August. I still don't know what day i start exactly or what school or grade. But I am excited and wish I would have done it already. I am going to try to come down your way sometime when I move to Utah. It has been a very long time since I have seen you guys! Good luck with the last week of school.

T said...

ay-yi-yi... I'm just beginning to plan for summer... and school is OVER here already! I just need one day of NOTHING to recover!

Now I have to go figure out where Kelcie's moving to in Utah... any hope she'll be down south?