Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Brain Break or Road Trip?? Part 1

The fabulous the thing about "modified year round school" is that we get these little Brain Breaks every nine weeks. For our break this time we headed north to visit family and honor my dad on his retirement, it was a quick trip...2 days in the car, 2 days in Utah. Here are some things that we saw on the 13 hour drive....(it is hard to pass the time in the car)
A view of Lake Powell.

My favorite part of the trip. The Virgin River, with the red rock mountains in the background.

An indian hogan.

Sleeping children, somehow make the road trip even Nicer!


Brent and Jessica said...

We had so much for with you guys up here and can't wait to see you again! Hopefully it will be soon!

Susan said...

Sleeping children do make the trip nicer. It's just too bad they don't sleep the whole way! Glad you got a Brain Break! (Great title, btw). I love our year round school, because we get the same type of breaks....

Chanelle said...

I'm so glad we've been able to see you twice in one year! Thanks for making that loooooooong trip. It's always fun to visit with you!