Sunday, July 10, 2011

These are the Days of Our of Lives...

Time just seems to pass through the hour glass more and more quickly, and I can't account for all of the daily trivial things that happen in our lives, but I thought I would up date you on some of the more larger things that have happened in our lives in the last few weeks.

Tiffany turned 18 in April. I cannot believe that she is 18 and off to college next month. It truly just seems like yesterday that she was 2 years old and being tossed up in the air by her dad.

I remember when her kindergarten teacher stopped by our house to do a home visit and meet T. Mrs. Hall was so nice, and at the time we were ne
w to Silver City, NM. Tiffany started kindergarten a few days later. I walked her down to her bus stop, and I remember her waving out the window, with her curly, long blonde hair and her nose pressed to the glass. I teared up a little as the bus pulled away from the curb. As Calla and I walked home, I remember thinking that it will be years before she is all grown up and graduating. I was excited for the school years her learning to read and write, school projects, science fairs, school carnivals, band, dance team, driving a car, friends, sleep overs, and proms.

Now I have a high school graduate!! The time indeed, has quickly gone through the hour glass. It was weird, but I really don't think that her graduating set into my brain until we were in route to the ceremony. The graduation ceremony this y
ear was held at the Wells Fargo Stadium at ASU. It was a very nice ceremony, and I really was impressed with the 3 valedictorians speeches and the superintendent's remarks. Our superintendent, joined our school district as the graduating class was entering kindergarten, and he too mentioned that he was graduating, because he is now retiring, and going into the world just like the seniors! He felt in sense that he too was a part of the class of 2011.

Tiffany and her friend
walking across the stage to receive her diploma and below looking back...
As her time at home is quickly shortening, Tiffany has been busy this summer trying to save for college but still have fun with her friends. She broke up with her boy friend after graduation and since then, we see a lot more of her (: She found a new job as the beginning of May and is currently scooping ice cream at Baskin Robbins.

Calla ended her school year with cheer competitions and trying out for Varsity Cheer. She made the squad, so her dad and I will be attending lots of football games this fall! This summer she has been busy with girls camp, cheer camp, and she spent a w
eek and a half with her friend in California. In addition, she has been taking an on-line history class for school. The time is passing quickly and in less than 3 weeks, she will once again be back in school.
l ( I love this picture it shows Calla being tossed in the air )

Maddie has spent her time this summer playing with friends, splashing in the pool, and taking her friend Brookie to Lake Powell for 5 days. (picts to come later). Maddie made honor roll 3 quarters in row this year, and was rewarded for good grades with a turkey hunting trip with her dad in early May. Maddie also just had her ballet recital.As for Mike and I we are the proud owners of a new Ranger! We took it out one weekend for a drive in the hills, before the temperature in the Valley of the Sun hit the high 100's. It will get more use in the fall, as in time,
when the temperature drops into the nice bearable temps of the high 70's.

It is amazing how time flies! I wish I could be better at capturing the daily moments of our family, but like the rest of you, we stay busy with work and play. Some days are just a jumble!
But like spilled milk, you just can't cry over it! It's like that saying, enjoy life, or it will pass you by. That is what we seem to do best!


Julie Harward said...

Thanks for your visit. These are such amazing times for you and your family, you will miss them when they are grown, I know I do. (We are moving to St. George if this all works out, we want to serve in the temple there and also go on some missions) :D

Susan said...

Sounds like a busy few months. Although I still have a few more years before mine hit high school, I see how fast things are moving. My baby is starting kindergarten in less than 3 weeks and I will have a 5th grader and a 4th grader. It was just yesterday that they were babies.

jessica said...

How can T really be going off to college. This post totally freaked me out. Time is going by so soooooo fast! I am going to send T one of my make sure you read it too:) I will put it in the mail this me your address on fb, I remember it changed but I'm not sure I have the new one.

Anyway you look freaking awesome as a mother of a college kid!

Lindsay said...

We sure love your girls and will miss having Tiffany babysit when she moves off to college!! I'm so excited for Calla making varsity cheer. That's big time stuff! I instantly recognized that gym in the cheer picture- Matt and I both graduated from Mtn. View HS!! I feel like time is passing by so quickly as well and before I can blink, I know my "babies" will be in high school (even though we still have a long way to go)!

Brent and Jessica said...

Oh my! I am so happy for T to be coming up this way! Hope all is still going well for you guys! Love you!