Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Maddie turns 9

Maddie turned on 9 on January 19th, I cannot believe that it has been 9 years. When she was born it was the year of babies in our family. All 3 of my sister-in-laws had babies, along with my sister. Bailey came first, then Jack, next was Ryan, then Maddie, and then Harry. It was fun being pregnant with everyone. She was the last of my babies! I think if I would have known that she was going to be my last, I may have held her longer, rocked her more, and took her to the park for play group more often.

She was a whopping 8 lbs 8oz. and unlike her sisters, I was at last a SAHM when she was born. Since her birth, she has lived in 3 states and attended 2 elementary schools. She is smart, loves to hang with her dad in the duck blind or field, she takes ballet, loves to swim, ride her bike, and play with her friends. She is very creative when it comes to writing and she loves to write stories.
She plans on having a party with friends next weekend. We are taking all of her friends to see "Hotel for Dogs." She did get to share her birthday with her friend Cheyenne who is one hour older.
Here are a few pictures of her from the past. I don't have a scanner, so I can't post her baby pictures, and it's only been a few years, that I have taken pictures digitally:)
Summer 2008 making fishy faces in the pool

Maddie's baptism dress. Jan. 19th 2008

Shooting pigeons off the roof with dad. (Before church)

Spring dance costume 2008 Fishing at Lake Powell 2007. Age 7

Maddie and her friends for her 6th birthday at the beauty college having make-overs

Crabbing in Puget Sound. Age 5

Holding a canary at Hogle Zoo. July 2004. 4 years old.

First day of Preschool. Age 4. Arlington, Washington
Age 3. Feeding the ducks near our home in Arlington, Washington.
Blowing her dad's duck call. Age 3


T said...

If I refuse to believe these guys are growing up so much will they just stop? She has changed from the little baby (who spit up on me the first time we met) into a young lady! Happy Birthday Maddie!!

jessica said...

What a beautiful girl that Maddy is. Those Arlington pictures represent the Maddy that I remember. I'm so glad you were there, I don't think I would have survived living there without you!

Susan said...

She is beautiful! I especially love the picture of her in her Sunday dress holding a rifle - very well Birthday Maddie!

Chanelle said...

I love how you posted pictures of her growing up, that really makes it seem like yesterday that we were pregnant together.