Sunday, January 4, 2009


As the 2008 ended, and I carefully packed away the ornaments from the tree (Notice, the girls can't wait to help decorate the tree, but when it's time to take it down, they are no where to be found, which is okay I guess) I found myself a little sad that the season had come to a close and a new year beginning. This year, as I packed away the ornaments, I found myself thinking that T will be leaving in a few years, and will be out on her own. How different the house will be without her. (She is already looking at colleges and she is only 15)

A new year means a new start, new goals, and dreams...the end means I am getting older, succeeded in some things and failed at others. We recently saw the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" if you haven't seen this movie, it is a must!!! It runs about 3 hours, but is so good. After leaving the theatre, the movie made me think about my life, my goals, and dreams. You see Benjamin in the movie is born as an old man and his life goes in reverse. What have I accomplished in life? What am I proud of most?

1- I always wanted to get married and I am going on 20 years this year!

2- I always wanted to be a mother and I am a proud mom of 3 darling girls. I sometimes wish that I could of had a son. Some day I will have three.

3- I got an education and I am currently working towards a Masters Degree. Something I really didn't want a few years ago.

4- I have a nice home, a husband with a secure job, and smart children.

5- I currently have good health, and continue to exercise and try to eat right.

6. I teach school and continue to touch the minds of young children.

7. I continue to be faithful at church and serve.

Mike always asks me what I want to do in the future, what are my goals? I still hope to travel more someday, have grandchildren, and retire in comfort. The future to me still is a blank map. Does anyone else ever think the same thing?

Even the smallest person can change the world. The Lord of the Rings.


Nicole O'Dell said...

Great reflections!

I love your blog and your family is gorgeous!

Here from SITS!

T said...

future? I'm not going to think about the future for at least another few weeks... can't believe your T is looking at colleges!!! THAT's initiative!

my word verification is tater... is my hunger affecting the computer?

mommytoalot said...

Super refections..
me...i take it day by life is so hectic...i don't often have time to think..
thanks for stopping by my blog.

Jaime said...

Your hectic but rewarding life reminds me a lot of myself in the past year: wife, mother of 3, teacher, grad student, President of a church auxiliary (YW) among other things. Keep up the good work from one fellow SITSta and LDS Sister to another. :)