Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Place for a Million Dreams....

Well, Fall break has ended, and it's back to school and a routine again! We spent a fabulous, fun, filled four days in California at Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm (Knott so Scary Farm). Maddie was tall enough this year to enjoy all of the rides that her older sister love, except she really dislikes the "Tower of Terror" and she didn't care for "California Screamin." Infact, she was in tears when we climbed on, and the attendant made her get off. Here is the picture of her after she got finally decided to ride the coaster. Although, she didn't ride it again!

We were chosen by a Dream Team member and we got to ride in the wheel house of Tom Sawyer! We were hoping for the unlimited Fast Pass prize, but this was one of the highlights of the trip! It was fun to hear some of the secrets behind Disney, and the girls and I got to toot the whistle, and horn. The ship is guided by someone other than the people in the wheel house, but it was fun spinning the big wheel anyways.

This is the girls with Cruela D. She was so hillarious! She gets to be cranky on the job for real!

Here are the girls and I standing with our Toy Story 3-D glasses. The line was long for the ride, but the wait was so worth it! It was one of the best rides! For the ride, you get to ride through the toys, and shoot at them like a shooting range, everything is 3-D. So much fun!

Finding Nemo! Another fantastic ride with a very long line. But the girls were mesmorized by the underwater computer graphics and figures. It is so weird, that they can take a ride that was 20,000 leagues under the sea and turn it into something so neat!

Here is Calla, Maddie, and Mike on Grizzly rapids. We all got soaked, but it was so hot that day, that a little water just made the day more bearable!

Calla loves rollarcoasters! She rode them all day long. When we went to Knotts Berry Farm on Friday, there were no lines, and she jumped on and off all of the coasters one right after another. After doing 12 loopy loopy loops in row, she finally decided to call it quits for a while. Tiff and I like coasters, but I can only do a couple in a row, then I start feeling queezy. I guess I am getting old! Mike rides the coasters with Calla, but the day at Knotts he had the flu!

My Mr. Incredible with Mr. Incredible. They almost look the same size!:D

Maddie loves Minnie! We ran over to Toon Town to meet Mickey and Minnie, since that is about the best place to find them in the park! We waited quite a while for Mickey to show up at his house, but it was so cute inside and Maddie and a fun time playing in his house. The other girls felt that Toon Town was a little to babyish for them, so they along with Mike, ran to ride Splash Mountain, and get fast passes for other rides.

Now that vacation is over, and we are all back to school, and my new master's class has started! I just wish that the Magic could last a little longer!


Brent and Jessica said...

Thats awesome I am glad that ya'll are enjoying life, and that you are excelling in your masters program Janet. Jessica's family is also big into Disney, so we are going with them on a Disney Cruise for Christmas.

Mike I like the goatee.



Susan said...

I came over from SITS...looks like you all had a great time at Disneyland. Have a great Saturday and welcome to SITS (I'm fairly new too).

Chanelle said...

Disneyland truly is the happiest place on earth! It was fun to hear all the details about your trip! I felt like I was there.

T said...

so fun!!! I keep thinking that it's high time we made a Disney trip... and then I remember that my little girls are not nearly tall enough for anything! soon guys, soon...

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