Monday, October 6, 2008

Tagged Again...

My friend from St. George has saved all of her tags up, and tagged me on this one.

7 weird things about me...(Do I only have to think of 7?)

1. I am a Utah State Aggie, but not a true Aggie. To be a true Aggie, you had to be kissed on the A on a full moon. (I think that was how it went)
2. I was 25 when I got my first cavatity.
3. I am constantly making sure there isn't anything in my teeth! (I am really OCD, see #4 and #6). Until last year, my teeth were discolored due to flouride in our water when I was young. Being a teacher, my students, and some parents used to say things, about the color of my teeth. I was teased as a child too. So, I have been very self conscious about my teeth. Last year, I paid to get veneers on my teeth. The veneers straightened them, made them a nicer shape, and made them all white! Now, I have pretty teeth, and I just worry occassionally if there is a pepper flake in them.
4. I am extremely organized!! Everything in my house must have a place! I have to have things tidy, and beds made, before we leave for school in the morning, nothing bums me out more after school than seeing cereal bowls still in the sink or better yet, cereal stuck to the sink for hours!
5. I collect witches! I got my first witch from my mother-in-law the first year I was married to Mike. We give each other witches, as gifts, she now has quite a collection too.
6. I have an earwax fettish! I cannot stand earwax glopping out of my kids ears. I am always checking to see if they have gobs of earwax that needs a good Q-Tip! I have been tempted at school to pick at a child's ear, but don't think that is appropriate:)
7. At 40, I still think Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth! I love that place!


the Painters said...

Thanks for the tag. I'm gonna have to think of 7 good one's.....may take a few days but I WILL come up with them. I too think Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth and I'm also OCD about my teeth and if I ever have food stuck in them....hahahaa.

Tinabean said...

Hi I'm stopping by way of SITS welcome to our family!
I love meeting new people & making new friends.
Your blog is fun & you seem like a really fun lady.
I hope to see you around SITS more often & that you love it as much as the rest of us do!

SITS Girls said...

I was at Disneyland yesterday... I love that place.

Welcome to SITS!

We are thrilled to have you join us!

You roll called just right!